5 Reasons iPhones Make Moms' Lives Way Easier

mom iphoneIn case you haven't heard, moms can use some help. An extra set of hands would be nice, a battalion of servants and chefs and maids -- really, any ol' thing will do. But since most of us will live our lives without either of these things, an iPhone will have to suffice. And that's okay!

No, iPhones don't have the ability to change your little one's diaper, or give you a quick shoulder rub when you're at your wits' end, but they can help moms immensely. And, oh look at that, here are five reasons why ...


Camera, camera, camera. As far as I've seen, the camera on the new iPhone 5 is, hands-down, the best camera on a smartphone out there. When you have a kid -- or three! -- I seriously doubt you're going to be lugging around your SLR camera, its flash, and a tripod. The iPhone 5 -- or really, any iPhone -- is the next best thing.

Instagram! Oh, Instagram, your effects really are bar-none. Want amazing lighting? Feel like having it look like you're still in 1976? Want to blur the edges of a photo to create a dreamy, professional-looking pic? Instagram is a photo-taking mom's best friend. Seriously.

Apps. Need, oh, anything in the world? There's an app for that. Seriously, look up anything in Apps, and I guarantee you'll find something pertaining to what you've got in mind. Except shoulder rubs. Expect that in the iPhone 8.

Siri. If there's one thing moms need, it's hands-free everything. Being able to push a button so you can tell a smug, computerized voice to dial the take-out place is priceless.

It can double as a baby monitor. If you and your partner both have iPhones (or iPads), you're in luck. You can sync them up so they act like a baby monitor with the app Baby Monitor Duo. Perfect for when you're not at home.

Moms, how has your iPhone helped you?


Image via daveynin/Flickr

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