Pinterest's Secret Boards Are Finally Yours for the Making

PinterestIt's a Christmas miracle. Now not everything you pin is public. Just in time for the holidays, Pinterest has finally changed the rules and will begin to let users make private pinboards.

Who doesn't love Pinterest? I've got a board dedicated to things I dream of cooking someday. I pin rooms in faraway homes that I'd love to curl up in with a good book. I pin whimsical scarves with horses on them, handbags I'd never be willing to shell out that much cash for, and now I can do it without letting you all know what I secretly covet. Sweet.

Starting today, Pinterest is rolling out a test that will give users the ability to create three secret boards.


Pinterest engineer Evrhet Milam wrote on the company blog that secret boards were the most requested feature from users, and Pinterest finally decided to bite the bullet and let us have 'em.

"You can use secret boards to keep track of holiday gifts, plan a special event, or work on a project you aren’t yet ready to share with the rest of the world. You can keep your secret boards to yourself or invite family and friends to pin with you," Milam wrote.

You can create a secret board just like a regular board -- and then you just click on the secret option. If you're doing it from the website, they're there at the bottom of your board list. If you're trying from an Apple or Android device, you've got to download the app update first.

You can't make the boards you've already created private, just new ones. But this opens up a whole new world of Pinterest! I would have loved this over the summer when we were planning my mom's surprise 60th birthday party. And it will be a great place to collect holiday gift ideas without worrying that someone will see them. Pintastic!

I'd tell you all about the secret board I just made, but that would kind of defeat the purpose.

What are you going to start pinning to Pinterest's secret boards?


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