5 Signs You Should Quit Facebook

baby cryingShould you quit Facebook: A quiz.

Hi there. Nice to see you ... now that you're finally off of Facebook for five seconds. Sheesh. You're obsessed with that site. For all the wrong reasons. And you don't even like it anymore, do you? You don't! Well, maybe you don't. You probably don't. Fine, I don't know, because I don't know you personally, but I do know that some people should just delete their Facebook account -- even if it's just for a little while (you can always restore everything to exactly as it was) -- because Facebook is doing them more harm than good. And here's a quick, handy little quiz to determine if you fall under this umbrella.

Note: You probably do.

Second note: I'm looking pointedly at you, person who never posts anything and only "stalks."


Do you never post anything on Facebook, only stalk? If this is you, I'd say, may as well log off for a while. What are you getting out of it? You're not socially networking, you're socially stalking. You're like a kid standing out in the cold with his hands pressed against the windows, looking in at a group of people laughing and talking around a fire. That isn't fun, is it?

Have you ever gotten into an argument because of Facebook? Caught someone out "checking in" somewhere when they told you they were staying in for the night? Got annoyed because someone didn't "like" a photo or update you posted? Get off! It isn't worth it. Ignorance is bliss.

Are you one of those people who used that "unbaby me" thing? Seriously, dude, just log off. But note: If you hate seeing laughing children and smiling babies, you also probably shouldn't leave your house. That thing doesn't work IRL. 

Does Facebook just generally bum you out? If you can't get the idea through your head that everybody's posting "best of" photos and updates, might be time for a break. Their lives will seem way less cool offline -- while yours will likely seem cooler. 

Do you think about pre-social media life and smile? Log. Off. No one's forcing you to constantly be connected. If you feel like you were happier before Facebook, and your general anxieties stem from Facebook, just delete your account. You'll probably be much more serene because of it. And hey, you'll be all cool and different.

If you answered "yes" to three or more of these questions, it might be in your best interest to delete your account for a while. Like I said, you can always restore everything to how it was if you hate it.

And that right there is why Zuckerberg has us all by the balls.

Did you quit Facebook? Are you happy you did?


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