6 Reasons to Fall In 'Like' With Facebook Again

I've written about my various beefs with Facebook. And there are those lists about what you shouldn't do on Facebook. And those lists about how annoying you are on Facebook. The bottom line is that Facebook gets a lot of flack. It totally deserves it too. Yeah, I'm sick to death of seeing pictures of people's lunch in my feed. And, yeah, moms, you have every right to share your sonograms and every other freaking detail about your pregnancy, but guess what? You're annoying everyone. Not that you care.

And then something strange happened. Just recently I found myself ... in love again. With Facebook! It's like being on the verge of divorcing your pain-in-the-ass husband when suddenly he changes and begins romancing you again. The next thing you know, you're renewing your vows. That was me and Facebook this past week. Here are six reasons you can fall in "like" with Facebook -- again.


It makes you feel cared about. Hurricane Sandy struck right over my head and it was my Facebook buddies who helped me through it. Neither my mother nor my father called me while the storm raged outside and my lights flickered. It was my Facebook friends checking in, asking, "You okay? How is everything? Still got power?" I felt like if my home floated away, at least my FB pals would know about it.

You can celebrate (or mourn) together. When Obama won, it was nice to look at my feed and see the majority of my friends whooping and weeping and generally celebrating. Since I wasn't going to go to Times Square like I did four years ago, it was nice to have a little online party. And the Reps could comfort each other too.

You get news quicker than the news. During Sandy, I got the quickest on-the-ground news from Facebook. I knew which areas suddenly were without power as my friends began saying they were in the dark. Facebook is one of the most vital sources for news, and Sandy reminded me of that.

The word-of-mouth network is priceless. As I wanted to help Sandy victims, I began checking around Facebook. Most relief groups immediately set up FB pages and there you could find the 411. Friends reached out to each other asking if anyone needed help. One friend put out a FB post about her husband, who was stranded in a flood zone, and within minutes, a few of us on FB brainstormed a solution. I'd forgotten how people on Facebook can share important things, not just overshare nonsense.

Birthdays. People complain that no one sends cards anymore, but how many birthday cards do you really ever get as an adult anyway? Waking up on your birthday to find that dozens of people -- many of whom you'd completely forgotten you were even friends with -- have wished you a happy birthday is one way to instantly feel popular again.

You can always block! Yeah, FB still has more than its share of annoyances, but it does pay to remember you can block people from your newsfeed without defriending them. They'll never know and it can make the FB experience so much more pleasant.

In short, Facebook, awwww! You my boo. Until I see too many what-I'm-eating-right-now photos again.

Where do you stand on Facebook now?


Image via English106/Flickr

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