5 Incredibly Rude Election Night Facebook Posts

obamaToday is a great day for America -- if you like Obama, that is. If you don't, it's a crappy day. Not just because your candidate lost, but because you're subject to endless Facebook posts, gloating about the election outcome. Or, on the flip side, perhaps you -- or someone you know -- are posting about how "Obama sucks." Or how "liberals are idiots." Or how everyone just needs to "shut up already"!

Really, there's no winning.

Whether you believe we're a nation divided or not, one thing's for sure: Facebook, and the Internet in general, has made some of us super nasty when it comes to politics. What happened to us?! Here are 5 incredibly rude status updates about the election.


Using the word "libtard". Yes, I've actually seen this word floating around on the world wide web. Obviously, it's a derogatory term to describe a "liberal" person, or someone who voted for Obama. And the "tard" part -- well, I'm guessing you can deduce what word that comes from. In short: It's extremely rude and offensive. If you don't like someone's political beliefs, no need to stoop to Ann Coulter-levels of low

Blaming the other party for why "our country is the way it is." Easy there. There are lots of factors involved in the state of the country. Your Facebook friends with opposing views aren't the sole reason.

Extreme gloating. Lots of people are happy Obama won (including myself!). But writing things like, "Suck it!"; "Hahahahaha!"; and "How does it feel now?!" on your Facebook page isn't cool. By all means, express your happiness, but deliberately trying to make others feel like shit really isn't the picture of democracy.

Unfriending anyone who has a different opinion than you. Barring people who are offensive and inappropriate, what does it say about you if you can't be "friends" with someone who has different political opinions than you? There's much more to life, you know. 

Name calling -- of any sort. Completely offensive words like "libtard" aside, do we really need to resort to name-calling? Idiot, jerk, loser, etc. Would we ever say these things to each other's faces? I think not.

Did you see rude Facebook posts on election night?


Image via reggestraat/Flickr

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