Facebook's Timeline Gets Another Makeover & Now Is SLIGHTLY Less Annoying

Facebook TimelineHey, remember when everyone was dragging their feet about switching to Facebook's Timeline layout? And when it rolled out site-wide last year, people were like KHAAAAN? And then 26,000 people liked the Facebook page, "I hate FB Timeline, and want to disable it ASAP" because seriously, man, this thing just BLOWS?

Well, for those who have never fully embraced the multi-column design, you may be happy to hear that Facebook is testing yet another layout for your profile. Timeline's not going anywhere, but it may be getting less confusing -- the new design ditches the annoying two-column display that forces you to look back and forth to see your posts.



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I wouldn't call myself a full-on Timeline hater, but I've never like the two-column layout. On the rare occasion I need to go sifting back through my posts to find something, I always get confused -- is it over here? Over there? What sort of chronological crappery IS this?

The new design, which is being tested with "a small percentage of users," puts all posts in a single column on the left, while activity updates, friends, places, apps and other sections are on the right.

While the current design gives equal weight to both columns (making for some very busy visuals), the new layout puts more emphasis on the left column by making it wider. Posts take up about 60% of the page, while the righthand "modules" are smaller. Once you scroll past all the activity, friends, etc on the righthand side, the space is simply left blank.

Here's a peek at what things might start looking like soon:

Personally, I am all for this change. One of the reasons I like Twitter so much better than Facebook is that the single-stream presentation is incredibly easy to follow -- if I want to go find some past tweet of mine, I can just scroll through the one column that holds them all. Plus, it's never made any sense for Facebook to give equal visual billing to posts as well as activity/places/likes.

While it might be annoying for some to put up with yet another big update, it's nice that Facebook's trying to improve what's been an almost universally disliked interface change. Will fewer people hate Timeline with a  single-column layout? Hopefully we'll have a change to find out.

What do you think about this potential new Facebook design? Are you in favor of it?

Image via Inside Facebook


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