Facebook Should Be Your Political Soapbox

obama romney pins Obama rules! A vote for Romney is a kick in the vagina for all women! Or ... Romney must win! No-bama for four more years! You know what I'm talking about. The political soapboxing all over your Facebook feed, coming at you from every angle, every stance, rotten eggs and all. It sure can get stinky, but just like my childless friend who cannot stand when parents make their kid their profile pic, people who don't like it just have to deal. My Facebook page is my business. If I want to boast my Obama Mama or Rom Mom status, then I should do so and shout it from the mountaintops. Or in today's terms, Facebook.

My oh-so diverse friends -- with their left leaning, right leaning, middle/off-center, and all-over-the-place stances -- should do so too if they are so inclined. This includes you and your friends, too. Let it out, people! Let it out! I'm reading along with my popcorn and trying to keep my mouth shut. Yes, really.


I do find it all highly entertaining and it does make me enraged sometimes, but I quickly find my Zen. That post a friend wrote, which I know contains a fact that is completely false, does make me want to call her out on it, quickly type up how wrong she is, maybe even make it in ALL CAPS so it's like I'M YELLING AT YOU. But I won't. It's not worth losing friends over. You have your opinion; I have mine. The only response that status is getting will live happily ever after in my head in an effort to keep the peace. It's sort of like a bipartisan effort. And as long as you like my photos here and there and wish me a happy birthday when that day comes, we're cool.

There are also the posts which I whole-heartedly agree with. The ones that make me want to jump up and yell YES! This is why we need to vote for THIS GUY! I keep mum on most of those, too. I have to save my typing hands for all the happy birthdays I have to wish my 658 friends, after all.

For those who do post anything political, you should just prepare yourself because doing so may make your facebook friends hate you. For real. You may face deletion from the coveted friend list. Or worse, they may block your posts from their feed and you will never truly know that there are people on your friend list, people who you wish happy birthday to and like pictures of their dog, who know nothing of what's going on in your life and prefer it that way. Ouch.

Looking on the bright side, though ... this Presidential race and the comments that come from it are just as amusing (if not more telling/exciting/insane) as what we had on Facebook before the election came to a head. There was the "My boyfriend is a jerk face who dumped me" status updates with all the friends rallying around and confirming that said boyfriend was in fact the biggest jerk face. Followed the next day by "Thank goodness my sweet boyfriend gave me a second chance" update with those same friends "liking it." And the following week, you guessed it, the "My boyfriend is a jerk face who dumped me" status update was back only with different expletives. When not reading about friends who get dumped, I can also learn about the crappy and amazing music some of my friends like, along with quotes by famous folks (educational), and most recently everything my pals are thankful for since it's November.

Here's one for you. Day #5: I'm thankful the election is tomorrow. Because while we will have a winner, we will also have a whole new set of status updates complete with gloating from the winners and sore-loserness from the rest of them. 

These postings will be followed by a lively debate, which I'll stay out of but read with delight.

Do you think Facebook should be a political soapbox or should people keep it to themselves?


Image via Michele Zipp

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