Good Samaritan Gives Stranger a Generous Gift & Inspires Others to Try a Little Kindness

tireYou’d think a natural disaster might bring us all together, but sadly, in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, there has been plenty of animosity among people affected. There are a lot of frayed nerves, road rage, and straight-up frustration out there … Which makes it even more uplifting to see any ol’ even small and random act of kindness.

Amazingly, one of the latest ones to hit headlines was uncovered on Reddit, which is typically known for harboring nasty and sometimes outright cruel trolls. But Reddit user “womp0982″ posted an image of a typed note that was left on a truck.


It read ...

You do not know me but I saw that you needed some tires for your truck and I wanted to do something nice for a stranger because one day a stranger did something nice for me. The receipt is in the envelope and all you have to do is go by Warehouse Tire on 3rd Street and ask for Steven Hodges and they will be put on for free. All I ask is that one day you do something nice for a complete stranger.

Crazy amazing. But of course, as with anything unbelievably kind, cute, or sweet that ends up on the web, there was huge skepticism that this was completely fake. After all, why would a stranger give someone they didn’t even know new tires?!

But HuffPo did a bit of digging and found out there is a Warehouse Tire & Battery Sales shop, and there’s a guy who works there named Steven Hodges! He confirmed that an order of tires had been placed, although he also said he thought the man and the good Samaritan might know each other. So, perhaps it’s not the Hollywood-perfect tale of two complete strangers helping one another out for no reason at all. But that doesn’t make it any less heartwarming or reassuring that not everyone is totally selfish and self-centered, right?

The note actually got Redditors talking about other “extreme acts of kindness” they had encountered or enacted themselves. Like “Berdiie” who said, “Not to this extent, but my girlfriend paid for someone’s breakfast the other day at McDonalds. It didn’t cost much and she got a kick out of wondering if it made the stranger’s Monday any better.” Sweet.

Maybe the more this tires story circulates, even more people will be inspired to do something out of the ordinary to brighten another person’s day. It may sound “extreme” to us now, but the more frequently we “human up” and help one another out, blind generosity and kindness could become a bit more commonplace. Now, wouldn’t that be nice?

What’s the last random act of kindness you experienced or did for someone else?

Image via xtat/Flickr

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