6 Best Hurricane Tracking Sites to Get You Through the Storm in One Piece

sandycamAs I write the wind is smashing tree branches up against my window and apparently the full surge of Hurricane Sandy/Frankenstorm's Monster is still yet to hit for another three or so hours. You mean it's going to get worse? Mommy!

Good thing I've got my windows open on about five different storm trackers! Whether you're preparing for the worst or watching from a very far and sunny distance, there are now several ways to watch this scary storm online.


Sandycam on Livestream. Sandycam is on 24/7, showing us exactly what conditions look like on the ground and giving us constant weather updates from the New York City metro area.

Webcams along the East Coast. Here's a whole collection of links to live webcams from all along the East Coast.

New York Magazine is liveblogging the storm. This one is New York-centric. It includes updates from readers all over the city.

Wind map. This one is maybe less helpful. But it's beautiful. Check out a map of the entire United State showing wind currents. 

@NOAA Follow NOAA on Twitter for more updates. Also @FEMA. And, just for laughs, @HurricaneSandy.

Google Crisis Map Tool. And we already told you about this handy map! 

By the way, here's why it's actually dangerous to tape your windows.

How are you tracking Hurricane Sandy?


Image via Livestream.com

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