Creepy iPhone App Could Help Pedophiles Find Child Porn on Facebook


As if the dark underbelly of the Internet weren't already sketchy enough, now, if you want to find all the "sexy pics" your friends have on Facebook, there's an app for that.

Badabing! trolls your Facebook friends' pictures looking for skin. That means any pictures you've put of your kids on the beach, or in bathing suits, or in the bath tub, or just riding a bike in shorts and a tank top, are easier to pull out. And easier for pedophiles and other perverts to find. I'm so grossed out.


You can buy Badabing! for $1.99 from Apple's app store, and for now it's only available on the iPhone, but soon the company plans to release a web-based version to let the non-Apple user do the same creepster search. I have zero intention of downloading this thing to try it out, but a nice reporter over at a site called Tech Crunch did for us.

"It actually kind of works and it’s really creepy," writes Drew Olanoff.

Yes. Yes, it is.

The developer says you have to be 17 to download the app, but that doesn't stop perverts looking to find pictures of kids, or kids themselves looking for inappropriate Facebook pics of their friends.

True, people post what they want on Facebook, and they post it so that people will see it, but what happens if your teenager logs into your Facebook account and uses it to find sexy pics? Or worse, if someone using a friend's account uses this app to find pics of your kids. Or if your kids are posting sexy photos of themselves on Facebook and you don't know it?

There are so many ways this could go horribly wrong. Which is made even more horrifying when you think about this statistic: "88% of self-made sexual or suggestive images and videos posted by young people, often on social networking sites, are taken from their original online location and uploaded on to other websites." I've been a devoted Apple user for years, but this makes me wonder what they could have been thinking when they allowed this app.

What do you think of letting Badabing! troll your Facebook photos?

Image via Jennifer Lawinski

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