Miracle Orangutan Survives Being Shot 104 Times (VIDEO)

Orangutans like this one are in danger in their natural habitat
The Internet is abuzz today over an orangutan shot more than 100 times with a pellet gun in Borneo. The good news is the primate named Aan somehow survived the vicious attack, and the 15-year-old has been dubbed a "badass" beast. But it's hard to see the good news when it's clouded by the very obvious bad: someone wandered into this orangutan's natural habitat and, for no discernible reason, pumped this living creature full of pellets.


Doctors have removed 37 pellets so far from Aan's head and body, and there are 67 still lodged in there. The orangutan is going to be blind in one eye, and she will likely never be able to live in the wild again. Obviously we're talking about a shooting so severe that there's no chance this was an accident.

Aan's remarkable survival says a lot about the strength of the animal kingdom, but the shooting says even more about the human race. Some people are sick.

Someone, some person, apparently thought it was OK to perpetrate such a brutal act on this animal. Perhaps they reasoned this was somehow "OK" because orangutans are human-like but not actually human. Perhaps they reasoned that Aan couldn't speak up to defend herself, so she couldn't tell on them. Perhaps they simply saw no value in the life of an animal.

Whatever their reason, they're part of the reason that even though 90 percent of the orangutans left in the wild live in Indonesia, it's a place where the animals are at extreme risk of being killed.

The act itself speaks to something lacking in far too many people: empathy. Whether we're talking dogs, cats, orangutans, or elephants, these are still living creatures. They deserve respect. They deserve kindness.

Because if we can't do that to someone who can't talk, who isn't human, someone who needs our help more than another person, what does it say about us as humans?

What do you think of this amazing animal's fight for survival?


Image via Daniel Kleeman/Flickr

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