The Most Common Passwords Are a Mix of the Ridiculous & Totally Bizarre

When it comes to picking a password, you have to be careful these days. Not only does pretty much our whole life require a password now -- everything from our email to our bank accounts to our credit card accounts to our Facebook and Twitter to handheld devices -- it seems to be easier than ever for hackers to get ahold of them. So it's pretty bizarre that so many people are still so cavalier about their passwords. Can you believe that one of the most popular passwords every year is "password"? And if it's not that, then it's 123456? C'mon, people! Okay, a few of you got creative and used "password1." Eye ... roll.

But you'd be surprised to hear that some of the most common passwords are pretty unique. I would have thought some of these would be unguessable, but apparently not.


The list of most common passwords, put out every year by SplashData, which makes password management applications, is one full of the obvious ("qwerty", which is the first five letters on the top left side of the keyboard) and the non-obvious. Here's some of the stranger passwords that made the most popular list:


Letmein (Spoooky)



Master (Christian Grey's pw, no doubt)




As for names, most people either use their own or that of their children. Hence why "Michael" and "Ashley" both make the list. Then you've got those who just went for "Jesus."

Experts also recommend not using your birth date numbers. Because most people also give away so much information over social media, I don't recommend using pet names or favorite singers or anything else you've overshared on Facebook.

Is your password on this list?


Image via Ron Bennetts/Flickr

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