A Fake Facebook Profile Could Keep You and Your Kids Safe Online

Facebook Security QuestionsWhen it comes to what you post about yourself or your kids on social media sites like Facebook, maybe honesty isn't always the best policy. Across the pond, some officials are debating the wisdom of creating a fake Internet persona to keep you and your family safe from identity thieves -- or even real-world thieves if you've got your name and address online. And it sounds like a darned good idea.


I'm not advocating lying about your identity on the Internet and then going out and being a cyberbully on Twitter. But it is smart to list your hometown as the nearest major city instead of putting your actual street address on Facebook, to make it harder for creepy criminal stalkers to find you or hackers to steal your identity. Remember what happened to this guy over the summer who was locked out of his own digital life when he was hacked using information found online?

I also take precautions with things like my birthday -- I have the date posted on Facebook but not the year I was born. And maybe the answer to a security question should be a celebrity's pet name instead of your own. Some people even go so far as to create fake Internet personas -- with fake mothers and fake maiden names. That could be an even smarter move, as long as you can actually remember the fake details you use.

Of course, this all might make it harder to identify bullies who hide behind bogus identities. But if in the long run it protects you and your family, it sounds like it just might be worth it.

What do you think about using fake information in your social networking profiles? 

Image via Facebook

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