Former NFL Pro Lawrence Taylor Should Serve Time for Having Sex With a Minor

Lawrence TaylorCristina Fierro, the teen who accused former New York Giants linebacker, Lawrence Taylor, of sexually assaulting her when she was 16 years old, wept as she graphically described their sexual encounter during trial.

Taylor has pleaded guilty and is serving six years of probation for misdemeanor charges of sexual misconduct and patronizing an underage prostitute for the encounter, but Fierro brought the civil case to hold him accountable. After all, six years of probation for having sex with a minor, prostitute or not, sounds like a slap on the wrist to me.


Cristina Fierro, now 19, told a Manhattan jury that she didn't know who Taylor was when she found him naked in a hotel room. She alleges that another man forced her to have sex with Taylor for $300. Kind of sounds like a prostitute and pimp situation to me.

By her account, the entire scenario sounds extraordinarily seedy. She says she turned her back to Taylor and he began to massage her back like some horny teenager. She says she went to the bathroom and called 911, but they never came. Fierro then claims Taylor got on top of her, and she squirmed and tried to push him away but couldn't because he was so much larger than she was. Then, Fierro says she told him it was her "first time," and he replied, "Just relax." When it was all over, he pulled money out and asked her to leave. The whole incident turns my stomach.

The way I see it is that if a grown man has sex with a 16-year-old girl, isn't that statutory rape? If she says no, isn't that rape? I’d say that if a girl is squirming and trying to push you off of her, that means no.

It seems that Taylor thought she was an escort and maybe she was, but either way, she was underage. He still had sex with her probably because he thought, as a famous athlete, that he was entitled to do so. Not to mention, he was married at the time. Either way, it's wrong.

Taylor’s attorney says that the case seeking unspecified punitive and compensatory damages is a “money grab.” Personally, I think it sounds like this asshole raped a minor and then the court system failed her by only giving him a slap on the wrist. I think the civil case isn't about the money at all. It’s about punishing him the only way she has left, in his pocketbook. Was the Brown family’s civil case against OJ Simpson a money grab? No, it was a family trying to hold a man who thought he was above the law accountable in some way, any way.

I think Taylor should serve jail time for what he’s done. He had sex with a minor. I don’t care if she was a prostitute. That is irrelevant. He was an adult who took advantage of a kid. Why shouldn't he be held to the same laws as everyone else? I say lock his ass up and make an example out of him.

Do you think Taylor should be held accountable?

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