Facebook Post About Autumn Pasquale's Murder Got Accused Killers Caught

Parents might complain a lot about kids being too wrapped up in social media -- sometimes to the point where they bully each other to death. But one of the upsides of the obsession with social media is that some people -- especially, it seems, young people -- can't do anything, I mean anything, without announcing it online. And that includes committing crimes. Reportedly, it was a Facebook post by one of the teen boys accused of killing Autumn Pasquale that led to her body and their arrest.


The media had already noted how one of the teen boys accused of luring young Autumn to her death with BMX bicycle parts had "liked" the Find Autumn Pasquale Facebook page.

But apparently one of the boys also wrote something about the murder on Facebook -- something so disturbing that when his own mother saw it, she turned in her two sons into police!

What the teen reportedly wrote hasn't been released nor is it publicly available. But I think most moms would go into total denial over the idea of their teen sons being capable of killing a young girl -- so whatever her son wrote must have been pretty explicit.

I don't know what possesses teens -- and even adults! -- to reveal so much on Facebook and other social media sites, but it seems the equivalent of pre-Internet killers who used to write letters to law enforcement officials bragging about their crimes. Only they had the brains to do it anonymously. The sad fact is that a lot of killers want to brag about what they've done. After all, what good is a murder if no one knows about it? So they do -- and in this day and age, they do it on social media, under their own names.

Let's hope they keep doing that and making law enforcement's job easier. My guess is detectives are already on to this bizarre trend and take a very careful look at people who write on missing or murdered people's Facebook walls.

Have you ever seen someone brag about a crime on Facebook?


Image via Find Autumn Pasquale Facebook Page

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