Apple's iPad Mini Is Out: Get the Details Here

phil schiller ipad mini
Phil Schiller presents the iPad mini!
The day has come! Rumors have been swirling for some time that Apple would soon be announcing a smaller, lighter, 7-something-inch iPad. And today, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Sr. VP Phil Schiller took the stage and made it official: Apple is finally releasing the iPad mini!

Although we had assumed this mini tablet would be launched along with the new iPods and iPhone 5 last month, they decided instead to debut it closer to the holidays and alongside a 4th generation iPad, new 13" MacBook Pro with a sweet Retina display, Mac Mini, a suuuuuper-thin stunning iMac desktop computer, and the Apple Fusion Drive. Read on for details on the iPad Mini and the whole line-up ... 


First, the iPad mini! Starting at $329 for a 16GB model (which is the lowest price yet for an iPad!), the 7.9" tablet has a 29.6 square-inch display area, and you can hold it in one hand! It's just 7.2mm thin, which is as thin as a pencil, weighs just .68 lbs., which is as light as a pad of paper. It has an aluminum glass enclosure, gets a full 10 hours of battery, and also features FaceTime HD. Even though I have an iPhone 4S, I am convinced -- I need one! (My excuse: Playing with apps, watching media, Facebook-ing on a bigger screen than the iPhone's will guard against eye strain. Haha.) Good thing the pre-order begins this Friday, October 26.

4th Generation iPad: Starting at $499 (16GB), the latest iPad -- which comes in both black and white -- will have double the graphic performance, two times graphic power, 10-hour battery life of previous generation, FaceTime HD, twice-as-fast Wi-Fi connectivity, and, of course, the Retina display. 

The iMac: Starting at $1,299, the new desktop computer is totally worthy of "ooh"s and "ahh"s. Its edge is just 5mm, making it razor-thin -- 80 percent thinner than the previous generation. It's got full lamination, so the texts and graphics look like they're "sitting right ontop of the glass." It also has 75 percent less reflection than the previous model, which is pretty sweet.

The Fusion Drive: The fancy, intuitive new drive can be hooked up to your iMac and comes with 128GB flash storage. It "guesses" what you want backed up, based on what you use the most, and it moves it onto the drive. 

As for the new MacBook: Starting at $1,699, it's $500 less than the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display. It's 20 percent thinner than previous models and weighs almost a full pound lighter than the previous generation (the lightest ever!). It also features faster graphics, up to 7 hours of battery life (Really?! If this is true, it would be amazing! and definitely a gamechanger for me, cuz the battery life on my 2-year-old MacBook Pro stinks!), and a new feature called "PowerNap" -- which allows the computer to back up, update, and download while it's sleeping.

Which of these would you pick up soon?

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