5 Reasons You Should Text Moms Instead of Call Them

baby phoneSometimes, texting gets a bad rap. It's impersonal. Messages can be misconstrued. And it's fostering humankind's inability to actually talk to people -- like, with their voice. And I agree -- in that sense, texting does suck. All those things are totally true. But, on the flip side, texting is a god-send. Especially if you're a mother.

No, a god send.

Phone calls are great, and even better is actual face-to-face contact, but for everyday communication, texting is where it's at for moms. Here are five reasons you should text moms before calling them.


Moms, like most people, are busy. Until I had a kid myself, I didn't realize why moms never answer their phones. Like, ever. Now I get it. They're with their children. And when they're not (i.e., nap time), they're trying to get shit done. So, a lengthy convo isn't always in the cards for them.

It's the easiest way to keep in touch. I know, it's not the same as a good ol' fashioned phone call, but good god is it easier. My dear friend who lives across the country (and who just had a baby!) and I "talk" every day through texting. I know what's going on in her life; she knows what's going on. That wouldn't happen if it weren't for texting.

You can send photos! Come on -- one of the greatest inventions ever. Snap a picture of your sweet little one and text it on over to friends. Boom.

Holding a phone (or wearing and earpiece) is cumbersome -- particularly when you've got a little one with you. Moms have enough stuff to carry -- including their children. It's damn near impossible for them to hold a phone to their ear when they're with them. Not to mention -- is there a child out there who doesn't try to grab mama's phone?

Sometimes, LOLing is funnier via text -- and more appropriate. You probably wouldn't call a cross-country friend to tell them about some trivial yet hilarious thing that happened to you while you were out buying milk. (Unless you both have boatloads of time on your hands.) But you would certainly text them. And honestly -- some things are just funnier over text. Especially when punctuated with "LOL". Or "haha". Chef's choice.

Do you text more than you call?


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