5 Facebook Baby Photos Your Kids Will Thank You for Posting One Day

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Thanks, Mom!
We've talked in the past about Facebook postings that may make your child cringe in years to come; but now let's discuss Facebook postings that your child might actually thank you for some point down the line. Maybe not out loud, as -- teenagers can't talk, can they? But they'll be secretly pleased that you put them out there for all the world to see.

Here are 5 Facebook baby photos your kids will thank you for posting.


A photo of you looking lovingly at your baby. It's such a sweet shot, and really, it says it all: You're completely smitten. You may have just come off of four days of no sleep, but in years down the line, you won't remember. And your child will love seeing the two of you like this.

A photo of them and a "friend". When we're little, we're pretty much friends with anyone who's within our proximity. When we get older, though, we often lose touch with these people, be it because we move away, or because we start to get "picky." Your kid will love seeing a shot of them and a then-buddy. It'll be a little slice of their childhood.

A photo of you pregnant! Every kid -- make that person -- loves seeing a picture of their mother pregnant with them. There's something sort of magical and mystical about it -- and it's photographic proof that you actually had a life before them!

A photo of them in their nursery. It's always amazing, seeing how styles change over the years; and your little one will be fascinated seeing where they slept.

A photo of them playing by themselves. Seeing our children play by themselves is, arguably, one of the most adorable things in this world. And, clearly, they will have no recollection of this. Sneakily capture a few photos of them hanging out alone, playing with their toys. They'll be grateful to see what you got to witness all the time.

What photos of your baby do you post to Facebook?


Image via TedsBlog/Flickr

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