10 Dream Apps That Would Make Parenting Easier

It seems like there's an app for everything these days. Need to determine a paint color from nothing but a flower petal? Done! Find the best Indian restaurant in a three mile radius with reservations for tonght? You got it! Track your dreams, food intake and footsteps? Easy-peasy.

But, how about the apps you really need? The ones that would make parenting easier? Below are ten apps I dream of ...


1. Truth or Lie? Know exactly who is telling the truth or who started it with the simple click of a button!

2. Dinner Psychic. What will the fickle kids actually eat for dinner tonight? Only the Dinner Psychic knows!

3. The Pause App. Need five minutes to pee or take a phone call or pluck your eyebrows? Pause everyone around you while you take care of business.

4. The No Whine. Zap the offender and prevent future whining.

5. The Laundry Sensor. How dirty is it? No smell test needed with this handy sniffing app!

6. The Insta-Sanitizer. Kiss germs, coughs and colds goodbye!

7. The Rewinder. Undo that gallon of milk spill or jump in the puddle in a second.

8. The Find It. Car keys missing? Entire car lost in the abyss of the mall parking lot? Find them all!

9. The Sick Sensor. Do you really need to keep your child home? Can you get away with dropping him at daycare? No more second guessing your decision!

10. The Clock Adjuster. Instantly change the time of all the clocks in your house an hour later. Bedtime, kids!

 What app do YOU dream of?


Image via Scary Mommy

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