6 Ways 'Binders Full of Women' Could Be the Funniest Site You Visit (VIDEO)

mitt romneyWithin minutes of Mitt Romney addressing a presidential debate question on equal pay for equal work by bragging that he looked through "binders full of women" to hire a few when he was governor, the meme caught on FIYAH. But get this -- within just TWO minutes of the catch phrase leapt from Mitt Romney's mouth, the domain name for BindersFullofWomen.com was scooped up. Wow! Someone was on it, huh?

Turns out the buyer was American Bridge 21st Century, a Democratic super PAC. And they've already turned it into a Tumblr-style site that presents Romney's disturbing record on women's issues. Definitely the most sensical use of the site. But had the buyer been someone else, WHO KNOWS what kind of other wild and crazy uses they could have put BindersFullofWomen.com to?! Here, a few possibilities ...

  1. Dating site - BindersFullofWomen.com could offer an easy way for desperate single guys make "a concerted effort to go online and find women who have backgrounds that could be qualified to" date. Instead of having to ask friends or family members the embarrassing question, "Can you help me find a woman?" they could just sort through virtual "binders full of women!" until they find The One.
  2. Porn site - I'm surprised Hugh Hefner or Larry Flynt didn't snap it up! Either would have had a field day with this one.
  3. Social networking-meets-porn site! - Whoever the adult industry version of Mark Zuckerberg is could have totally capitalized on this by making an interactive, Facebook-y "binder full of women!" Wink, wink!
  4. A horny junior high schooler's blog - Where he posts pics of and crushes on all the ladies he loves -- because he can't risk getting caught putting it in a REAL binder after all! 
  5. Fifty Shades of Grey/S&M enthusiasts' site - After all, ladies who engage in BDSM just love being "bound!"
  6. A promo site for a documentary about Clinton ... or JFK - Those two totally kept binders full of (other) women!

In the meantime, here's Mitt Romney's famous moment, prominently showcased on the current BindersFullofWomen.com ...

What would have made BindersFullofWomen.com if you owned it?

Image via AmericanBridge21st/YouTube

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