BMX Cyclist Kyle Bennett Killed Instantly in Tragic Accident (VIDEO)

Kyle BennettIn what is extremely sad news for his family, friends, and fans who loved him, BMX cyclist Kyle Bennett was killed in a single-car accident on Sunday in Texas.

It appears as though he lost control of his truck while driving at a very fast speed, and went off the road into a ditch and hit an iron gate. Kyle was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident, and making the whole incident even more tragic is the fact that reports indicate that he was not wearing his seat belt.


Kyle was only 33 years old, and leaves behind his fiance and daughter, Kylie. And as a three-time BMX world champion, he's leaving behind quite a legacy in his sport as well. 

And as sad and tragic as this story is, it just seems so ironic that a car accident is what wound up taking Bennett's life when he engaged in extreme stunts on a daily basis. Even when all the proper safety precautions are taken, BMX cycling is still a dangerous sport, and it definitely takes a daredevil attitude to be as successful as Kyle was.

And while fans will always be left to wonder whether his life would've been saved had he been wearing his seat belt in that car -- his passing should still serve as a reminder that we can never take any day for granted.

You never know when your number is up, and that's why you have to live each day to the fullest instead of worrying about each and every little thing that could potentially go wrong. Life can change or be taken away in an instant, and that's why we have to learn to appreciate every moment.

My heart goes out to Kyle's family, especially his daughter, during this horrible time.

Here is a video clip of Kyle riding in the BMX World Championship 2012. He will certainly be missed.

Did you follow Kyle Bennett's BMX career? What words of condolence would you offer his family?


Image via Doug Pensinger/Getty

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