NFL Reporter Gets Smacked in Face With Football (VIDEO)

Ian RapoportSo there most definitely are perks to working on the Internet -- mostly that you don't have to worry about screwing up on live TV, and that things can be changed or deleted rather easily and immediately. That's probably what NFL Network's Ian Rapoport was thinking when he was giving his pre-game report for Sunday night's Packers vs. Texans showdown.

For whatever reason -- whether it was deliberate or not remains to be seen (though you have to admit the aim was pretty spot on) -- a football comes flying from off-screen and nails poor Rapoport right in the face. And the way he reacted to what happened certainly wasn't the way most of us would have. Poor guy. Ah, the joys of live TV. And being able to see it on the Internet the next day. Ain't life grand?


Let's get to it:

This quickie version is only when he got hit, but of course the guys in the studio give him a little bit of a hard time when his segment was over. Still, you gotta give props to Rapoport for keeping his composure, laughing about it, and moving on. It seems that it barely fazed him. He's lucky he didn't break his nose!

Many of us would probably have far more embarrassing ways to deal with this live TV gaffe, from swearing to walking off-camera to crying to hunting down the guy who threw the ball and choking him. And I gotta feel for the guy for having screenshots like the one above floating around the Internet all day (sorry, Ian!). Still, this proved that if any reporter should get smacked in the face with a football on live TV, it should be this guy. Props to you, Ian, for being a stand-up professional and classy guy. Just hope your face is feeling okay today!

Has anything embarrassing happened to you on live TV?


Image via GPTVdotcomv4/YouTube

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