Derek Jeter Fractures Ankle & Can't Disguise the Agonizing Pain (VIDEO)

Derek Jeter

Sunday was definitely a tough day for the New York Yankees, as player Derek Jeter fractured his ankle in the middle of the 12th inning in their playoff game against the Detroit Tigers, and is now out for the rest of the post-season.

And even though it was obvious that he tried his best to disguise the excruciating pain he was in after snapping his ankle while trying to catch a grounder, he couldn't hide the huge grimace on his face as he laid there in the dirt trying to come to terms with what had just happened.


You can see the devastating injury in this video clip -- it's not pretty.


Oh man, that really looked like it hurt something fierce. And you could tell that he was pretty embarrassed about showing just how much pain he was in -- to the point that he supposedly instructed manager Joe Girardi not to carry him off the field.

Geez -- why was he trying to be a martyr after a severe injury like that? Anyone would understand him being in total agony! And considering they're expecting it to take three months for him to recover, I'd say this fracture is every bit as bad as it looked as his teammates helped him hobble off the field.

Wow. Guess his tough guy image is just way more important than letting the world know he's actually human.

Did you cringe after seeing this video?


Image via Alex Trautwig/Getty

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