'SNL' Skit That Mocks iPhone 5 'Problems' Will Make You Feel Like a Jerk (VIDEO)

snl iphoneHi there. How's it going? Have the new iPhone 5? How do you like it? Are the Maps bumming you out? Getting you lost on the way from Whole Foods to your favorite thrift store? Well, here's something that will make you feel like a giant jerkface for complaining about your super fancy, super expensive smartphone: A hilarious Saturday Night Live skit that mocks the people who have been complaining about the new phone's "faults."

In the sketch, Christina Applegate plays the host of a tech show, where the topic is the new iPhone 5. And how it sucks. She has "tech bloggers" on the show to talk about everything that's wrong with the phone, but things take a hilarious turn when, midway through the show, she has the Chinese factory workers who built the iPhones on to confront the bloggers.

If you've ever complained about your phone -- or pretty much anything -- you need to watch this.


Heh-heh-heh. Hilarious. And kind of puts things in perspective, right? We've all complained about our phones before -- be they iPhones, or Droids, or BlackBerrys. And then you remember that there are people way less fortunate than us. People who would take food over a stupid phone any day of the week!

So, let's enjoy this skit for what it is -- hysterical. But let's heed "the message" it's sending, as well: Don't take your iPhone so seriously. And, dude. Let's be thankful for all these fancy gadgets we've got. Even if they do get us lost.

Do you have the new iPhone 5? Have you complained about it?


Image via NBC

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