Michael Vick Got a Dog Again Because He Loves His Daughters

Would Michael Vickyou allow a parent who beat their child or exploited them in pornography to regain custody after they served their time? No. Absolutely not. So should former dog abuser and fight organizer Michael Vick be allowed to own a dog again? That one's a little fuzzy. Wait, don't attack just yet -- hear me out.

What he did to dogs was horrible, the stuff of nightmares. No one should treat any animal that way. Thank goodness he went to jail for the atrocities he committed. Dog fighting is not a sport and anyone who abuses them in the way he did should face serious penalties.


Morally speaking, the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback doesn't deserve to own another dog. No way in hell. But the law does not prevent him. So if he is going to get another pet, at least let's hope he's doing it for the reason he insists he is: For his daughters.

Who can't relate to that? My daughter is the ultimate animal lover and is begging for a dog. But as much as I'd love to get her one, it just doesn't fit my lifestyle right now. And that's so sad, because I agree with Vick that helping your child develop "a healthy relationship with animals" is so important to their development into caring, nurturing adults. There's something so special about the bond between a pet and a child, and I hope someday that I'll be able to give that gift to her.

Why should his daughters have to pay for the crimes of their father?

Unless he's incredibly stupid, Vick is not going to enter the family pet into dog fighting. So if that's what everyone is worried about, they can stop right there. Everyone will be watching him, including his daughters. It's hard to believe that this public figure who's under a microscope would do that to his family. Plus, he always said when he did get another dog, it wouldn't be a pit bull. The dog's well-being is less of an issue than stomach-turning fact that Vick gets to own a pet again.

God forbid he ever does abuse another dog or any animal, he should be put away for a long long time -- as an example more than anything else. But let's hope he proves everyone wrong and will give this family pet the loving home it deserves. And maybe it will help him "break the cycle" as he says. How cool would it be if he adopted it from a shelter?

Any guesses as to what type of dog he got his daughters?

Image via Matthew Straubmuller/Flickr

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