Facebook Will Finally Stop Telling Your Friends How Much Tabloid Gossip You Read

woman on laptopIf Facebook is about anything, it's about "sharing" and CHANGE. Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse (Facebook, I told not to give out my number!). But here's a Facebook change I do like: They're going to share fewer embarrassing details about you.

In particular, Facebook is going to stop telling on you every time you read some tabloid gossip, or watch that leaked sex video, or buy yet another vibrator. Goodbye autoshares! Facebook is pulling back on "frictionless sharing" -- you know, when they surprise you by sharing what you've been up to online. No more surprises. They'll only share what you expressly say you want to share. And there's more.


Goodbye "authenticated apps" -- you know, those roadblocks you get when you try to click on a link to read something and you get a stupid app you have to "allow" first? Hate those. And then, once you say "yes" to the authenticated app it tattles on what you read to your friends. Whether you want it to or not! No one needs to know the full depth and breadth or your obsession with Daniel Craig. No one.

Even if you aren't into embarrassing stuff on the Internet -- or are 100 percent proud of being a cat video aficionado -- it's just annoying to have Facebook constantly narrating every aspect of your online life. It's like having someone with a megaphone follow you around all day and night announcing every little thing you do. "Attention: Adriana is going to the bathroom. We think it's just going to be number one, but I'll let you know how long she's in there!"

And since we can do more and more online there's just more opportunities than ever for our privacy to be invaded. Maybe the next generation will be okay with not having a single private anything ever, but I kind of like to maintain a cloud of mystery around me sometimes, you know?

Does Facebook share more about you than you're comfortable with?


Image via ibm4381/Flickr

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