NFL on FOX's Hilariously Awful 'Gangnam Style' Is a Must-See (VIDEO)

Jay Glazer, Terry Bradshaw, Jimmy Johnson
Jay Glazer, Terry Bradshaw, Jimmy Johnson
So full disclosure: This may be the most horrifying thing you're going to see all day. Maybe perhaps in life. It's really that tragic. Who would have thought a 23-second video could kill an entire international phenomenon? Yep, that's right, the NFL on FOX crew decided to do their own version of Psy's "Gangnam Style." Why they decided to do this ... it's one of those great life mysteries. We've discussed many times how this song and all the subsequent parodies just seem to never die -- but, you guys, this may officially be the end.

The NFL on FOX hosts, Jay Glazer, Jimmy Johnson, and Terry Bradshaw, do the most awful dance to this song that the world has ever seen. It's just awkward, weird, and borderline creepy. Poor, poor Psy, he probably had no idea his song could have resulted in this. Have I built this one up enough for you? You know you want to check it out.


Apologies in advance to Psy:

This has been out for a couple days, but still, worth checking out, right? Jimmy Johnson looks scary and creepy, Terry Bradshaw looks like Terry Bradshaw, and Jay Glazer's just getting way too into it with all that tongue action. I really have no idea what I just watched. I kind of feel sorry for myself after seeing this.

This is something these guys should simply never have attempted to do. It's not that funny and it's making me feel sad and wonder about the fact that "Gangnam Style" and the dance that accompanies it ever got this popular. And I don't like feeling that way. Yet I'll still keep watching these parodies because I'm still that blown away by the fact this song became such a worldwide hit. I'm just thankful that this one is only 23 seconds long!

Is this the worst parody of "Gangnam Style" you've ever seen? Think this helped officially kill the trend?


Image via ThugLifePerser/YouTube

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