Lance Armstrong Can't Hide From Doping Allegations Any Longer (VIDEO)

Lance ArmstrongTurn off the lights, the party's over -- well, at least it appears to be for Lance Armstrong. He's tried his very best to run and hide from the doping allegations that have been looming over his head, but now that the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency is set to release the report from their investigation of Armstrong, it looks like he may not be able to deny the claims against him any longer.

Based on a statement made by USADA CEO Tim Herman, whatever evidence is contained in the report appears to be pretty destructive to Armstrong's hero image. (Especially since some of his fellow cyclists have said that he's guilty of doping.)


Herman said:

The evidence also includes direct documentary evidence including financial payments, emails, scientific data and laboratory test results that further prove the use, possession and distribution of performance enhancing drugs by Lance Armstrong and confirm the disappointing truth about the deceptive activities of the USPS Team, a team that received tens of millions of American taxpayer dollars in funding.

Yikes. If what he's saying is true, then it really, really sucks to be Lance Armstrong right now.

Lance's attorney is (of course) maintaining his innocence and calls the report:

[A] one-sided hatchet job -- a taxpayer-funded tabloid piece rehashing old, disproved, unreliable allegations based largely on axe-grinders, serial perjurers, coerced testimony, sweetheart deals and threat-induced stories.

But it's still pretty tough not to at least wonder whether the allegations have some truth to them. I mean, why would the USADA go to this much trouble to take him down and ban him from cycling (and strip him of his seven Tour de France titles) if they didn't have a decent reason to do so?

I guess there's always the chance that he's being thrown under the bus here, but it just seems like the scandal is way too big and the investigation has gone on way too long for there not to be some truth behind it.

I'm sure Lance wishes this whole deal was nothing more than a horrible dream that he'll eventually wake up from. But something tells me in his case, (if this report is actually true), the nightmare has only just begun.

To hear more about the USADA report, take a look at this video clip.

Do you still think Lance is innocent?


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