10 Signs You Are 'That Jerk With the Cellphone'

cellphoneIt's hard to remember a time before we had cellphones, isn't it? Even your grandmother probably has one! And we all love our cellphones, me included. What I don't love are all the ways the cellphone has snuck into society and turned normal people into self-absorbed jerks.

Sure, a good smartphone is an invaluable resources. You can check the sports score or do a quick Google search for the local polling place for the election from anywhere! But the cellphone is one gadget that has rendered a good portion of our country incapable of functioning without it.

Is this you? Are you that jerk with the cellphone? You might be surprised what people really think of how you use your beloved phone.


The Stir asked a bunch of average Americans what really grinds their gears about how people use their cellphones. Here's what they had to say. You are that jerk with the cellphone if:

1. You're at the waterpark with your kids, and you still have the Bluetooth in your ear. Because why give your kids your undivided attention on a family outing, right?

2. You're using your phone as a music player without a set of headphones. Doesn't everyone want to hear your favorite song at top volume?

3. You're holding a conversation in the bathroom stall.

4. You're walking and texting. Who cares that you're holding up a line of people trying to actually use the sidewalk?

5. You're in the driver's seat of your car, and you're just chatting away. Lives at risk, schmives at risk.

6. Worse: you're in the driver's seat, and you're texting.

7. You're at a movie theater, and when your phone rings, you don't turn it off, you actually answer it. Then you proceed to carry on a conversation while still sitting in your seat. Who really listens to all the dialogue in the movie anyway, right?

8. You're at dinner anywhere, and your face is staring down at the little screen in your hand. What? You wanted me to pass the what? Don't you know the Jets are playing today? 

9. You're at dinner, and you're talking to someone on the phone instead of the people right in front of you.

10. You're on the checkout line, and you're talking on the phone instead of paying attention to the cashier. What do you mean there are people who actually want to get home before their ice cream melts?

All right, 'fess up. Which one of these is you or someone you know? What would you add to the list?

Image via Lynell Burmark/Flickr

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