Your Man's Texts Decoded: Find Out What His Weird Message Really Meant

hetextedTexting and dating. If two things should never, ever go together, it is them. What does he mean by this? Why hasn't she texted back? I know she has her phone on her! Ohmahgah, should I have not written "LOL"? What if he's a "haha" guy?!

Yeah, no thanks. I'm old fashioned in the sense that I think the best way to communicate with someone when you're dating is your voice. The nearly obsolete phone call. There's too much room for interpretation with texting. And when you first get together with someone, do you really need more of that?

But for those of you seriously averse to making plans via chatting (actual chatting, not G-chatting), and you need to stick to your trusty texting, there's a new service for you -- a service which decodes your date's texts.


The site is called HeTexted, and despite my old school ways, I can recognize the fact that it's a smart idea. Apparently, the site has been around for some time, but just received a fancy redesign and some new features this week. Basically, the way it works is you submit the enigmatic text you received, and wait for people to weigh in. Yep, simple as that. And, for whatever reason, I imagine it's oddly comforting, having strangers tell you to "dump the loser" after reading one of his weird/annoying texts. It's like free dating advice. 

But then there's the other issue. The issue that this site is only making us more incapable of actual human contact than we already are. I mean, think about it. We're asking our computers what the messages on our phone machines mean. I know it isn't the cool thing to do, but why not just ask the guy or girl who sent the ambiguous text? Or better yet, just talk on the phone to begin with. I can't imagine the lines of communication are ripe for an awesome relationship when this is the means of discourse. What happens when the two people get together? Like, in person?

Do you text a lot when you're dating?


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