Rap Lyric Translator Will Have You Speaking 'Snoop Dogg' in No Time

Have you ever listened to a rap song and thought, Yo, I be diggin' on this vibe but I got no idea what the brotha mean by it? Come on, you know that's exactly what you think. Rap lyrics are some of the most looked up things on the Internet. In fact, one of the most popular sites is Rap Genius, sort of a rap lyric translator system that gets up to 500,000 views a day. A big time tech firm that also invested in Twitter has just put $15 million in this site created by three bored college students. Hm, sounds like the boyz might need a fresh translation of Lil Wayne's "Cash Money Millionaires."


It all started three years ago when Yale students Tom Lehman, Mahbod Moghadam, and Ilan Zechory put together the site as something to "read in your dorm room when you're on drugs." Makes sense. And apparently song lyrics are behind only pornography and Facebook as the most searched-for stuff on the web.

The site will tell you the lyrics of a song but when you click on it, it "explains" the lyrics. Let's look at "Cash Money Millionaires":

I got a bitch in the back, got a ho in the front

One cookin the crack, one rolling da blunt.

According to the site, here's what's happening (because you'd think this would be pretty self-explanatory):

He’s putting his bitches to work making crack and rolling blunts instead of only having sex with them.

Ahh, it's all clear now! Good, good. Make dem bitches earn their keep! Truth be told, sometimes the translations are more baffling than the lyrics. Then again, this ain't exactly the crew I run wit. From Kanye West's "Mercy":

That white frost on that pound cake so your Duncan Hines is irrelevant.

What this apparently means is:

The frosting Pusha refers to is cocaine. He might also be punning on pound, kilos of coke and whatnot. Pusha’s got that A-1 pericco (fishscale cocaine). Duncan Hines, a cheap cake mix, symbolizes that dusty-ass garbage coke. We still f*cks with it, though.

Yeah, this is the song Kim Kardashian named her kitten, Mercy, after. Paging PETA. Come in, PETA!

Do you ever look up lyrics?


Image via Rap Genius

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