OSU Marching Band’s Pac-Man, Tetris & Zelda Tribute Will Make You Want to Geek Out (VIDEO)

OSU Marching Band halftime show
Triforce FTW!

If you've ever wondered why Ohio State University's marching band is called "TBDBITL," or The Best Damn Band in the Land, wonder no more. This is the most awesome marching band performance I've ever seen this week, this month, perhaps in my entire life?

For anyone who's loved video games, from The Legend of Zelda (my personal fave) to Tetris to Halo (yes, Halo!), you'll soon see why this performance is so mind-blowing. The complex choreography and awesome soundtrak lead to animating some of these beloved characters in a way you've probably never seen before.

The band graced us with this routine during the halftime performance when OSU took on Nebraska on October 6, 2012. Thank god for the Internet, or else you would have missed out on this incredible show. Nine minutes later and your life will truly be changed for the better.


Here you go!

Seriously, how freakin' awesome was that?? It's just so good. The running horse at the six-minute mark? I can't. The not-so-subtle jab at their long-time rival, Michigan? Absolutely no words. All the tributes to video games that made me the self-proclaimed loser and nerd I am today? This whole thing is literally bringing a tear to my eye.

The Best Damn Band in the Land surely rocked it on Saturday and lived up to the coveted title. Congrats to OSU and everyone involved in making this video. Hope your day is a little brighter after watching this one!

What do you think of the OSU marching band's performance? Amazing, right?


Image via handmrow gobucks/YouTube

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