Alleged Perv Finds Creepy New Use for Pen Cam

The whole idea of men trying to get a peek at women's panties when they're not noticing brings up memories of movies like Porky's and Sixteen Candles. In other words, it's something high school boys do. But noooooo. There are grown men who do this. Middle-aged men. Professional men. Creepy ass degenerate men who never grew up. And now technology makes their creepy degenerateness so much easier than ever before.

First there was the doctor (doctor!!) of a prestigious hospital who allegedly took pictures up women's skirts as they rode unawares on the subway. He used a pen camera. Did you think this was something only CIA agents used? Well, creepmeisters use it too. Because now comes another -- almost worse -- story of another man accused of using a pen camera for his immature, disturbed jollies.


A Wisconsin accountant by the name of James Pirc was arrested for filming women at his place of employment with a pen camera. And get this ... he was allegedly doing it while they were in the bathroom. What ... the ... hell.

This guy is 46 years old and the vice president of the Bristol & Company accounting firm. The women are his coworkers. Many of them probably his underlings. It goes without saying that one should never secretly record your underling's underthings.

Allegedly Pirc somehow managed to do enough filming that cops found video of four women using the bathroom on his computer and he apparently had deleted other video. Pirc reportedly told the cops that the videos showed the women's "butt and and front private area." And he'd been doing this for nine months without being caught. Makes you wonder how the bathroom was set up. Women got suspicious when they noticed, well, a pen being stuck under the door, but how was this not noticed earlier?

You wouldn't think pen cameras would be the type of thing that would take great video, but it's been a long time (read: never) that I've done research on ways to secretly videotape people. A quick search of "pen camera" reveals that pen cameras come with cameras, video recorders, and DVR, have "great" audio and video with "amazing" clarity, and the video can easily be uploaded to YouTube. You can even record for up to 90 minutes. Now I just need a men's room. Ha. Joke.

Are you ever worried about being secretly filmed?


Image via Milwaukee County Sheriff

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