Cheerleaders Paint Bible Verses on Game Banners & Atheists Can't Resist Preaching About It (VIDEO)

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A group of Texas cheerleaders who painted Bible verses on banners were merely trying to support the football team they know and love -- and of course, someone had to complain about their display of faith because apparently being a Christian is a very freaky and threatening thing these days.

The squad at Kountze High School near Beaumont, Texas were perusing Pinterest one day when they saw that a high school cheerleading squad in Georgia had painted Bible verses on banners for their team, and they thought it would be a nice way to cheer on their "boys."


And instead of having everyone applaud them for doing something to encourage the team, someone complained to an atheist group, and now the whole thing has blown up into a debate over whether or not the banners constitute Kountze High School advocating Christianity. (You know, all that "separation of church and state" stuff.)

To avoid further problems, the school superintendent banned the banners, which pissed off the cheerleaders, who then hired a lawyer for the squad. And now what started off as a sweet and innocent gesture is going all the way to court to be argued out in front of a judge.

Good GRIEF. Is anyone besides me really over people taking offense to others expressing their beliefs and being proud of them? Because the last time I checked, mixing faith with sports never resulted in anyone being harmed in any way. How does painting a banner with words that express love for God do anything to tear down or attack another person? What is so wrong with these cheerleaders wanting to shout their love of Christianity from the rooftops, and maybe give the boys on their team a little extra confidence going into the game?

And I can't help but wonder what Tim Tebow would have to say about the banners, because if anyone knows what it's like to be ridiculed for staying true to their belief system, it's him for sure. I've held my tongue in the past when people give him a hard time for taking a moment out of the game to pay thanks to God, but it burns me up every time I see someone make a joke about it. News flash -- in this country, people have the right to believe whatever they want to believe, and their expression of those beliefs doesn't mean that they are forcing their beliefs upon you.

Looking up and seeing a few Bible verses painted on a banner isn't going to scar anyone for life. If you don't like them, then don't look at them. (Get over it, people.)

To hear more about the banners and these persistent cheerleaders, take a look at this video clip.


Would you be offended by these banners if you saw them at a sporting event?


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