Facebook's New Commercial Makes You Long For a World With No Facebook (VIDEO)

For all of the talk about us being sick of Facebook and all the reasons we should get off of it, most of us (myself included) are still on it. In fact, one billion people are now on Facebook. To celebrate this, the social media company has made its first commercial. The commercial is kind of like Facebook. It's a bit dark and creepy and makes you kind of feel like you're wasting your time watching it.

It starts off by showing an empty chair hanging in a forest. Shades of Clint Eastwood's RNC speech? Then a female voice intones, "Chairs ... Anyone can sit in a chair ... chairs are for people ... " Gee, thanks, Facebook. I hadn't been quite sure what a chair was for, but now I know. Who wrote this thing?! 


So after hearing about what chairs are for, the video brings us around the world. We see people in a bunch of different nations. They're laughing, loving, playing in the rain, going to concerts, listening to music outside, dancing, seeing basketball games ... hey, wait just a goshdarned minute! They're doing all of those things that we're not doing much of anymore because we're all on Facebook or other websites! Sooooooo perhaps Facebook is trying to remind us of all to get off social media and get outside and talk to actual people?!

Yeah, I don't think that's the point the commercial was trying to make. But that's what I took away from it. It made me long for a time when you met random people in coffee shops who then became your friends. It made me long for a mob I could join to topple a dictatorship. (Or whatever those people at the end were doing.)

It made me long for the days when you couldn't ever conceive that people might kill each other arguing over Facebook. It made me long for a time when you broke up with an ex and then didn't sit there staring at his digital self and his new digital girlfriend.

Here's the video. Maybe it will give you some ideas of what to do when you're not on Facebook.

What do you think of the ad?


Image via Facebook/YouTube

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