Ball Player’s Newborn Son Dies Suddenly Just 23 Hours After Birth

Pat Neshek Stephanee NeshekStephanee, Gehrig & Pat NeshekSome incredibly heartwrenching news out of the sports world today. You may not care that the Oakland Athletics finished a rather miraculous run to clinch their division, but there's one member of the team with a lot more on his mind than baseball: Pitcher Pat Neshek's baby boy tragically passed away only 23 hours after he was born.

I can't even begin to imagine what Pat his wife Stephanee Neshek are going through. On Pat's Twitter account, we shared in his joy when he first announced the birth of his son, but suddenly he wrote how they lost him not even a day later.

Such a horrible personal story for a team that has just beaten all the odds. It goes to show there's so much more to life than these games, and this loss gives all fans and those involved a cold, harsh, seemingly unnecessary dose of reality. We can only hope that Pat's family, friends, fans, and teammates can rally around them and help them heal from their insurmountable loss.


Neshek left the team on Tuesday to be with his wife during the birth. I'm sure he's profoundly grateful for not missing out on this moment since he was able to spend the short amount of time that he could with his son.

Beforehand, the couple had announced how ecstatic they were over the arrival of 8-pound, 5-ounce Gehrig John. They even used the hashtag "#playoffbaby," and Stephanee proudly sent out a photo of their son with the happy parents on Twitter (above). Without any warning, they lost their little boy, and Pat was the first one to share the news.

He wrote on Twitter:

Please pray for my family. Tonight my wife & I lost our first & only son 23 hours after he was born with no explanation.

Then Stephanee wrote on Wednesday:

I am at a loss for words right now ... he died peacefully sleeping in my arms unexpectedly without any explanation.

There was no cause of death and I am having trouble understanding why God can let such a thing happen [to] an innocent being.

Pat and Stephanee have been brave enough to not take any of their initially joyful statuses or photos down, and the well wishes have been pouring in. Oh man, this whole thing is simply awful, especially during a time when Pat was probably feeling nothing short of amazing: insanely unlikely playoff run for a team he loves, adoring, beautiful wife, newborn son. To have this whole uplifting tale turn so devastating so quickly is affecting the entire A's organization, as well as those who love this couple in pain. Hopefully this puts life in perspective for any fan freaking out over the MLB playoffs or their sports team in general.

There are never any comforting explanations or words of wisdom when events like this happen -- and no parent should have to ever lose their child. So heartbreaking. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Neshek family.

Have you ever had to deal with the loss of a newborn? Any words of encouragement or support for the Nesheks?


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