Lucky Tourists Catch David Beckham in His Underwear & We're Insanely Jealous (PHOTOS)

David Beckham underwearOh. My. GAWWWWWDDDD! Imagine taking a leisurely driving tour around Los Angeles, glancing over at a man standing on the sidewalk wearing nothing but his boxers, laughing a little -- and then trying to pick your jaw up off the floor because you realize you are actually looking at David Beckham in his underwear.

No, this isn't a dream -- or at least it wasn't for a group of tourists who literally got the sight of their lives after looking out their van window and seeing David Beckham standing there in nothing more than a very snug-fitting pair of boxer briefs. (Wait a minute -- I thought he was a tighty-whities man?)


And for the love of all that is good and holy -- I hope whoever these visitors to L.A. were did actually realize who the man running around in his underwear was, otherwise this is about the biggest waste of eye candy anyone can imagine.

But while the witnesses may have gotten a real treat to feast their eyes on, David Beckham was probably none-too-pleased about the fact that he was caught stepping out in his undies. From the looks of the photos, it appears that he realized he'd been spotted, which is why he proceeded to laugh, attempt to cover up his manhood, and run away.

He obviously wan't fast enough to escape the cameras all together though -- as some absolutely priceless shots were captured on film. Like this one, for example.

David Beckham underwear

(You're welcome.)

What on earth do you think David was doing outside in his underwear?


Images via Twitter

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