Hockey Player's Celebratory Leap Gone Wrong Makes Hysterical FAIL (VIDEO)

hockey player into the glassIt goes to show how much the NHL lockout has left a deep void in some sports fans' lives when videos like this go around. Along with scrums, goal celebrations are as intrinsic to hockey as popcorn is to movies, whether it's coasting Gretzky-style stick pumps, one-footed pirouettes, wild dances, or the classic "glass slam." And when the glass breaks, even better, because even though these guys are 250 pounds of sheer lats and quadriceps, they never expect it and the surprised little boy look on their big tough faces is always hysterical. Or, like what this kid did afterward:


Like it was nothing. Just dust yourself off and get back in the game. Those glass guys are used to working their magic in a matter of minutes because this happens all the time in hockey, even in local leagues. Thank goodness there were lots of police and firemen on hand for this one:

This is why fans should NEVER buy seats up against the glass.


Now here's how it should be done, from the master goal celebrator, Alexander Ovechkin:


Oh, hockey. How I miss you. Please come back.

What are you doing instead of watching hockey?

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