'DWTS' Apolo Anton Ohno's Sexy Quick Step Could Put Him in the Lead (VIDEOS)

Apolo Anton Ohno Karina SmirnoffEver since Apolo Anton Ohno became an international speed-skating phenomenon in the 2002 Winter Olympics, I've had somewhat of a ridiculous and giddy schoolgirl crush on him. I mean, really, why not? And now that he's one of the all-stars on this season of Dancing With the Stars, he's been my immediate favorite from the start. Obviously it's too early to make predictions about the winner of the show. But I don't care. Not one bit. I'm Team Apolo all the way.

Case in point: His quick step with Karina Smirnoff on last night's episode. They pulled it off even though the rehearsals proved rather dubious. Host Tom Bergeron, after the couple got their scores (a 24.5 out of 30, psshh), told everyone watching that Apolo had accidentally head-butted Karina when rehearsing this dance. I most definitely wouldn't have minded that, but I'm sure Karina did -- yet they were still able to kick major ass. Wouldn't have expected anything less from him!


I've always predicted athletes will win these competitions, and I don't plan on being wrong this time. Sorry Emmitt and Shawn (and Helio I guess?), but Apolo's got my vote. Here's last night's performance in case you missed it and you need any more convincing:

You can't exactly teach that kind of thing, can you? Apolo's just blessed with a natural ability, but still, I had no idea he'd be able to move his feet that fast. Inevitably these dances and costumes can come off as hella cheesy and ridiculous on a show like DWTS, but Apolo can somehow make it sexy and effortless -- of course it helps that he's so good-looking and athletic to begin with.

Just for kicks, here's his performance from the first week of competition. Color me stupid if he doesn't end up in the top three at the end of this whole thing:

Whew. *Wipes brow. I think I rest my case. Can't wait to tune in next week and see what he and Karina can come up with.

Think Apolo and Karina have what it takes to win the season of all seasons of Dancing With the Stars?

Image via ABCDWTS/YouTube

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