Is David Beckham Wearing Boxers or Briefs Under His Soccer Shorts? (VIDEO)

David BeckhamHave you ever looked at super-hot athletes and wondered what exactly they were wearing underneath their uniforms? You know -- have you ever pondered over whether or not they prefer boxers or briefs?

Well, Celebuzz dared to ask the hottest soccer dad in the world that question, and his answer may surprise you. While he does wear H&M boxer briefs sometimes, well -- because he kind of has to, believe it or not, David Beckham also wears tighty-whities, and he's not ashamed about it in the least.


Take a look at this video clip to hear David Beckham talk openly about his unmentionables.

Um -- do you even believe there's a video of David Beckham telling us what kind of skivvies he wears? (Hee hee hee!) And how adorable is it when he says "tighty-whities" with his sexy British accent? (Yes, I've replayed the video about five times just to hear him say tighty-whities.)

And I never would've thought we'd hear a dude describe tighty-whities as comfortable, but if David Beckham actually digs wearing them -- how bad can they be?

But of course, the girl interviewing Becks had to go ahead and ask about Victoria's underwear preference, which totally ruined the mental eye-candy fest I was enjoying. And DUH -- he says she likes him in anything. (Who wouldn't? He's David Beckham, for crying out loud.)

What do you prefer on your man, boxers or briefs? And are you surprised that David Beckham is a briefs man?


Image via Joe Kohen/Getty

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