Woman Suspected of Stabbing Boyfriend in Facebook Fight Should Log Off Forever


Another day, another alleged violent killing over Facebook. That's what it seems like, right? Today's cheery news comes to us from Puerto Rico, where police suspect a 27-year-old woman of killing her boyfriend after he became upset over her activity on Facebook.

The suspect's name is Wilnilia Sanchez Falcon, and apparently her two children -- a 2-month-old girl and a 10-year-old boy -- were in the house when the incident occurred. She's expected to be charged in the death of 25-year-old Jesus Rivera Algarin. Police haven't provided any information about what Wilnilia posted on Facebook that upset her boyfriend so much.

Some people just shouldn't be allowed to use social media. Plain and simple.


Not sure if you've noticed, but social media -- Facebook in particular -- isn't exactly a positive thing for everyone. I don't necessarily think things like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram cause people to go crazy (though social media depression is a real thing), but I think it's pretty clear that it triggers things that may otherwise lie dormant in person. For instance, if this woman did kill her boyfriend, Facebook isn't necessary the cause -- she probably is a person who would kill in circumstances others wouldn't -- but it rattled something inside her.

I'm not one to advocate government restrictions on what should otherwise be fairly innocuous things, but dude. What is going on here? Should Zuckerberg start screening before letting people sign up for Facebook or something? Making a criminal check part of the process? (Though that probably wouldn't do much.) I mean, this is nuts lately. Go ahead and Google "Facebook kill", or "Facebook stab", or "Facebook murder" right now, and see what comes up. I'll wait ... A lot, right?

Hopefully, we'll turn a corner here soon with the Internet and social media. Isn't the purpose of it to be fun and informative? A way to connect with friends? In some cases -- like this horrific one -- it's really only doing the exact opposite.

Do you ever feel depressed because of the Internet? What do you make of all these "Facebook killings"?

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