NBA Player Dwight Howard Gets Winded Doing 'Gangnam Style' on 'Ellen' (VIDEOS)

Dwight Howard EllenDwight Howard, a basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers, seems to be well on his way to fixing any damage to his image after getting traded from the Orlando Magic. What better way to get some new fans than flashing your megawatt smile on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and dancing to Psy's "Gangnam Style" when making your big entrance?

Howard became the second LeBron James of the NBA (well, not really) after he acted up when trying to leave the Orlando Magic -- from trade demands to conflicts with his coach -- which finally culminated in back surgery, ending his season, and the trade he's always wanted.

But maybe he's happier now in LA than he's ever been. It certainly looks like it. He gave Ellen a ridiculously charming interview, and everything from his outfit to his self-professed crush to his dancing skills is worth a watch.


Here he is dancing his way on Ellen:

LA fans should take heart, it looks like his rehab is going great! Even though he acted totally winded after dancing a few seconds of "Gangnam Style." Okay fine, he also could have simply been really excited ...

Because his love for Finding Nemo and even busting out the "Just keep swimming" song as well as photos of him smiling during games might help turn some more skeptical fans around. Gotta give him credit: His Kobe Bryant impression was pretty spot on. After watching this, you can tell Howard's really got a charismatic personality and seems to be incredibly happy. And some impressive dance moves. And holy crap is he tall. He can barely fit in that seat!

Let's hope he put all the off-season drama behind, is able to kick ass at rehab -- and then we'll get to see what happens when he and Kobe take the court. Maybe he'll finally get that ring!

And PS: During a commercial break, we got to see him try to teach Ellen how to "Dougie." Enough said, right?

Are you a Dwight Howard fan? Has this interview turned you around?


Image via TheEllenShow/YouTube

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