5 Facebook Photos That Will Make Your Children Hate You

cute babyAw, who doesn't love baby pictures on Facebook? I certainly do -- they're adorable! Seeing super cute photos of your friends', and "friends'", kids on your newsfeed in the morning is a guaranteed way to put a smile on your face. Well, some photos. Others? Ehhh, they're a little TMI. And they probably will annoy these super cute babies when they're all grown up. Or at least when they're teenagers.

Here are 5 Facebook photos that will make your children hate you. Someday.


Naked photos. I don't mean cute, bathy-time photos here, I mean naked photos. Penis and vagina photos. What kid would want that on the Internet? Thankfully, Facebook wasn't around when any of us were babies. I mean, think about it: Would you want pictures of your bits and pieces out there for all the world wide web to see? No thanks.

Hysterical crying photos. I know. Sometimes, it's really adorable when your little one is crying. Their tiny lips quivering; the corners of their eyes filled with baby tears. So sweet, so heartbreaking, and ... so not cool to put on Facebook. A photo with a little bit of tears (aw), sure. But a full-blown temper-tantrum-esque pic? Probably best not to post. Could definitely incite some ridicule from not-so-sensitive teenage friends.

Poop, pee, other bodily fluid photos. I'm cool with my baby's poopie-filled diapers and the other less-glamorous aspects of motherhood, but others? I'm guessing prob-ably not. And I'm guessing your child in 10 years? Ditto. (Full disclosure: I've never actually seen poop or pee in Facebook photos, but I have heard [and read] others mentioning it, so I thought it was worth adding.)

Potty photos. Again, I wouldn't be offended if a (close) friend showed me a picture of their toddler going potty (as long as it wasn't in a restaurant), but random people you used to work with don't need to see that. And dude, again, who wants a photo of themselves taking a shit on the Internet?

First-second-of-their-life photos. Is it a beautiful moment? Absolutely! The most beautiful moment. But maybe save pics like that for the family album. I kind of doubt that in 16 years from now, your son or daughter is going to think it's a cute look.

Damn you, Internet. If only you didn't have to be so permanent!

What kind of photos do you think would annoy your kid when they're older? What kind of photos would you not want of yourself on the Internet?

Image via sdminor81/Flickr

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