Emily Maynard Reportedly Cheated With Famous Athlete & Notorious Hollywood Ladies Man (PHOTO)

Emily Maynard

Poor Emily Maynard. All she wanted was a second chance at finding love -- and now there are all these nasty rumors going around about her cheating on fiance Jef Holm with some random dude who has remained nameless up until this point. Good grief -- will she ever be able to relax and enjoy her happy ending without the tabloids trying to paint her as a gold-digging fame whore? (She SO isn't, by the way.)

Supposedly Emily and a professional football player were caught exchanging some pretty steamy texts while she was on vacation with Jef and his family, and the rumors haven't died down despite Emily and Jef vehemently denying them. And now, the name of the man at the center of the cheating scandal has been revealed, and his identity only adds another element of doubt and untruthfulness to these crazy rumors.


He's none other than Oakland Raiders quarterback Matt Leinart -- yes, the very same Matt Leinart who has either romanced or hooked up with half of Hollywood.

Matt Leinart

Oh, please. Matt Leinart? Really? Whoever whipped up this nutty story definitely didn't do their homework, because if they really wanted to stir up trouble, they would've picked someone a little less obvious than Matt Leinart.

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He's already been in steady relationships with The Hills star Kristin Cavallari (she must really dig football players) and actress Aly Michalka. And he was also rumored to be hooking up with Paris Hilton at one point, and he was romantically linked to Jessica Simpson's best friend CaCee Cobb for a brief period of time. And oh yeah, former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky supposedly slipped him her phone number during a serious flirt-session. (Scandalous!)

And while it's pretty obvious that Matt has a thing for blondes based on his dating past, is he really dumb enough to go after Emily Maynard right after her engagement? That would be pretty shady, and considering he's a dad, he'd be setting a pretty poor example for his almost 6-year-old son, Cole, by trying to break up a perfectly good relationship.

But wait a minute -- maybe being a single dad potentially drew him to Emily, especially since his son is just a little bit younger than Ricki? (Oh man -- don't tell me there's actually a chance these rumors could be true!)

Do you believe that Matt Leinart and Emily Maynard were secretly texting? And aside from that, do you think they're a good match?


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