The Christian Grey of Your Fantasies Can Finally Be All Yours (PHOTOS)

christian greyEverybody has their ideal Christian Grey in their mind. Some think of him as a tall guy with dark hair and light eyes, others envision him as a dark-skinned muscular dude with a beard. Different strokes. But if you want to see what "your" Christian Grey actually looks like, now you can, just by simply answering a few naughty questions.

The app is called "Fifty Faces of Grey", and it generates your "dream man" for you on your iPhone. This strapping dude to your left is who I got. Umm ... yeah ... Nothing like a man in a-- is that an ascot? Is that Adam Scott?

Anyway, we had some fun with this app here at The Stir headquarters -- check out some of our Christian Greys. And find out who yours is!


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Here's Emily's Christian. Sexy.

christian grey

Here's Jill's. Smoldering.

christian grey

Annnd here's Lindsay's. Friendly!

christian grey

Are these dudes really what we picture Christian Grey looking like? Yeah, that would be a no. (I'm still voting Ian Somerhalder.) But it was certainly fun wasting time with this app, answering questions like: "Where does your Christian allow himself to be touched? A) Arms and shoulders; B) Back and Chest; C) The Face; D) Everywhere."

So, if you've got a few hours to kill -- and you have your iPhone or your iPad surgically grafted to your hand like most of us do -- check out this hilarious app. It most likely will get your Christian wrong. But if we've learned anything from Fifty Shades of Grey, it's that sometimes being wrong is oh-so-right.

What do you picture Christian Grey looking like?

Images via Fifty Faces of Grey/Nicole Fabian-Weber

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