5 Cellphone Habits That Make Me Want to Smash Your Phone

cell phoneNo doubt, the invention of cellphones, smartphones, whatever phones, have turned us into a much ruder society with the attention span of a-- hey, look at that dog!

We're obsessed with our phones, people! So much so that we feel "naked" without them. So much so that if you look around any crowd, at any given moment, the majority of people are face-down, staring at a glowing screen.

Yes, cellphones are a tops invention, probably one of the best ones ever, but come on. Can't we have some manners when we're using them? Here are five annoying cellphone habits we should all drop like a lost call.


Speaker phone in public. I love speaker phone, too, and often use it in the privacy of my own home. But when I'm in public, I go old school, placing the phone against my ear, or if I'm feeling crazy, I'll insert an earbud. Why? Because nobody gives a shit about what I'm talking about, and they probably want to hear themselves think!

Trying to hold an in-person conversation while holding a text conversation. Oof, this one's super annoying. How irritating is it when you just want to get a few quick answers out of someone and all they can muster out is, "Ummmm ...." while typing away on their phone?

Talking (loudly) on your phone in places you shouldn't -- whether there's a sign or not. Some places post signs asking people to refrain from chatting it up on their phones in their venues, others don't, but still, there oughta be an unsaid rule. Gyms, buses, trains, fancy restaurants, movie theaters, bathrooms are not places to hold a conference call.

Always having a Bluetooth in your ear. I'm sorry, are you talking to me, or are you on a call?

Never answering your phone. You have a cellphone, right? And I always see you with it. Why aren't you answering? Is there something you want to tell me?

What are your cellphone pet peeves?


Image via mil8/Flickr

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