Facebook May Have Made People’s Private Messages ‘Public’


When you message someone on Facebook, you're probably doing so because you don't want the rest of your "friends" to read what you're writing, right? Otherwise, you'd just write on their wall for the whole world to see. Yeah, that's the idea in theory -- and usually it works -- but right now, some people are complaining that private messages they wrote a long time ago were somehow magically posted on their timelines. Aw-kward!

Could this happen to you?


Hopefully not. Facebook, along with a few tech blogs, are saying that the "messages" these people are claiming appeared on their timelines are actually just, in fact, old wall postings from before 2009 -- before there were "likes" and comments on posts. They're basically saying it may be hard to remember, but this is how people used to communicate on Facebook -- by going back and forth.

However, according to TheNextWeb, people aren't convinced. Users are "finding Facebook’s statement hard to believe," pointing to phone numbers and other private information that, most likely, wouldn't be posted where everyone could see it.

Well, regardless of whether or not this is a Facebook oopsie, I think we can all glean one thing from this incident: Don't write anything you wouldn't want others to see online. I mean, phone numbers and addresses, etc. are unavoidable sometimes -- and they may not be something you want online, but they're not incriminating at least. So, yeah, don't write anything incriminating online.

Even if there isn't some sort of Facebook screw-up, the Internet is a terrible place for things you don't want others seeing, know what I mean?

Do you write incriminating things in emails ever?

Image via James Cridland/Flickr

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