Hip-Thrusting 'Gangnam Style' Marching Band Shakes Up Halftime Show (VIDEO)

Ohio University Gangnam StyleThere are so many things I love about this video. College football. Big marching band. Psy's "Gangnam Style." Yes, it seems like there have been hundreds of variations of this song, and people have been playing it incessantly. You could even argue that it's getting a little old. (What?? You wouldn't dare!) But you have to see this version, it's totally worth it ... well, at least tune in to around the 1:27 mark, where the band gets down with some really impressive choreography. 

Ohio University's band, the Marching 110, performed this history-making YouTube hit on Saturday during halftime at a game against Norfolk State. And this isn't their first hit ... hopefully you've seen their version of "Party Rock Anthem"? I'm so cool I'll even put that video in for you as well. Since googling it would simply take far too much time and effort. Check 'em out!


First, here's their take on "Gangnam Style":

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Pretty sure Psy would love this rendition. Go Bobcats! Go Koreans! And for your viewing pleasure, here is their take on LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem." This made Internet Fame last year, and you'll soon see why:

They're all so talented! It makes the marching band actually look cool. And it kind of makes me really miss college. If only the "marching" "band" in my college hadn't consisted of five drunk guys blowing on horns every time our Division III team scored a touchdown (or really just ran around on the field), I'm now super jealous of what other college kids get to experience during their big-time football games. Now I kind of want to go to an Ohio University game ... just to check out the band!

What do you think of Ohio University's rendition of "Gangnam Style"? Did you see "Party Rock Anthem" last year?


Image via SwaytheCrowd/YouTube

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