Hilarious Jerks Glue iPhone 5 to the Ground & Watch People Try to Grab It (VIDEO)

iphone 5If you're tired of all the iPhone 5 crap and want to see some Apple enthusiasts get tricked into trying to pick one off the ground to which it's super-glued and cannot be removed, then look no further. Some funny peoples in Amsterdam stuck the only iPhone 5 in the country onto a stone walkway in one of the busiest parts in the city and watched as curious people tried everything they could to get it into their hands. They kicked it, pried at it, and a surprising number of people jumped on the phone, repeatedly, as if somehow, that would help.



Poor, poor self-conscious and iPhone 5-less people. They were tricked. I feel bad. Aww.

But there's a silver lining -- everyone who wants an iPhone 5 in the Netherlands can get one. In the meantime, people stateside are already looking forward to the iPhone 6, as the 5 came out this weekend and has suddenly become old news.

What do you think of the iPhone5 hype?


Photo via iphoneNL/YouTube

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