Losing an Earlobe Can't Stop Quarterback From Finishing the Bloody Game (VIDEO)

Matt Schaub

The Houston Texans may have beaten the Denver Broncos last night, but the victory came at a bit of a price for one of the Texans. Quarterback Matt Schaub lost part of his ear after being hit illegally by Broncos defensive player Joe Mays.

Yes -- he lost PART OF HIS EAR. And as you can probably guess, he wasn't exactly thrilled about it -- and neither were his teammates.


Take a look at this video clip to see the hit -- something tells me having a chunk of your earlobe cut off has to hurt a little bit.


Gross!! Matt definitely appeared to be in pain, and I'm sure he was pretty irate after realizing just how gruesome his injury was. Still, he's a real trooper and even went back out onto the field to continue the rest of the game.

But something tells me that hit by Mays is going to leave one heck of a nasty scar -- as missing earlobes probably aren't that easy to reattach. That is, if they even found the darn thing. Locating an earlobe on a football field really conjures up the whole needle in a haystack analogy.

Should Joe Mays receive some sort of punishment for causing this injury?


Image via SimonPetersburg/YouTube

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